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Document available at:


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The Power of People film is now on the HF’s website. SoT CCG is named in the accompanying articles


Q1 2016/17


Chambers R, Schmid M, Birch-Jones J. Digital Healthcare: The Essential Guide. Oxford: Otmoor Publishing, 2016.  Digital Healthcare the essential guide


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Clinicians rise to the social media challenge


How video consultations can benefit patients


How video consultations can benefit patients


How to set up a Skype consultation service


Stoke on Trent GP champions hi-tech in healthcare in new book


GPs launch Skype to care homes project in Staffordshire


Q2 2016/17


‘How should we respond to negative comments on social media’ (Authors: Ruth Chambers, Marc Schmid):


A web link and a pdf for a paper arising from the WMAHSN LTC project funded in 2014/15 ‘Promoting best practice in COPD management’ by primary care professionals:

‘How a Skype trolley saves GP time’ (Authors: Ruth Chambers, Marc Schmid)

Evaluation report, Autographer plus Flo (Authors: Sue Molesworth, Lisa Sharrock)


Stoke and North Staffordshire leading the way in hi-tech help for patients: for-patients/story-29733613-detail/story.html


Q3 2016/17


‘Revamp your website to reduce demand’ (Authors: Ruth Chambers, Marc Schmid)

 ‘Helping the elderly take tablets’ (Authors: John Marszal, Aoife Donnelly, Ruth Chambers)


‘Promoting best practice in COPD management’ (Authors: Rosie Piggott, Elaine Cook, Faye Foster, Alwyn Ralphs, Lucy Teece, Roger Beech)

An AHSN project that promoted best practice or COPD by primary care professionals.


Video: ‘COPD patient avoids A&E and acute admissions through self-management with Flo’ (Author: Ann Hughes)


The Health Foundation – The Power of People

Video: Introducing Flo: Telehealth with a human touch


Chambers R, Schmid M. Practice Promotion. Management in Practice November 2016.



Telehealth, telemedicine and telecare: an introduction to “TECS” (Technology Enabled Care Services)



Q4 2016/17


BMJ – Link to back pain article (STarT Back Tool)


Year 5 Medical Students x 4 Patient Online Initiative – North Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent CCG newsletter publication –<>



Staffordshire Sentinel – weekly ‘Ask the Doctor’ health articles:



‘GP praises Endoscope-i’:


Q1 2017/18

Staffordshire Sentinel – weekly ‘Ask the Doctor’ health articles:

Articles include bowel cancer, diabetes Type 2, dementia, stroke – at least 20,000 readers per week.


Pulse: ‘How we’ve created a ‘digital eco-system’ for patients’ – Dr Ruth Chambers, Marc Schmid

Letters to the editor of BMJ – ‘The hackers holding hospitals to ransom’

Marc Schmid:

Dr Ruth Chambers:


Practice Business: ‘The Seven ‘Cs’ to creating a digital practice’ – Marc Schmid


Practice Business: ‘A social experiment worth thinking about’ – Marc Schmid


Q2 2017/18


Staffordshire Sentinel – weekly ‘Ask the Doctor’ health articles:


Patients trained to managed health conditions using apps


NHS Digital launches new projects to stamp out digital health inequalities


Q3 2017/18


The potential clinical benefits of medicines optimisation through comprehensive geriatric assessment, carried out by secondary care geriatricians, in a general practice care setting in North Staffordshire, UK: a feasibility study (Authors: Simon Christian Lea, Keira Louise Watts, Nathan Ashley Davis, Barnabas Panayiotou, Michael John Bankart, Amit Arora, Ruth Chambers)


Innovative Skype programme launched across Staffordshire:


Being tech-savvy enhances the care you give – Nurse Ann Hughes (Primary Health Care Journal)


Moore K, Cottrell E, Chambers R. Facebook in general practice: a service evaluation in one health economy. BJGP Open 2017; DOI:10.3399/ bjgpopen17X101181