About Us


The Manage Your Health app and website are a joint development by Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and the School of Pharmacy at Keele University. The For Patients, Family Health, and Health Apps areas of the website are dedicated to providing information and advice to members of the public on ways to help manage their conditions and to promote healthy living. Information contained within the app and on the website is evidence-based and has been reviewed by healthcare professionals.

The For Healthcare Providers area of this website has been developed for the sharing of good examples of new modes of delivery of care and to encourage the adoption of proven innovations. It provides an online platform showcasing how digital health can be used for key long term conditions in a variety of settings to promote shared management between patients and their clinicians. This will improve self-care by patients (and their carers) in relation to their health conditions. You are encouraged to use, promote and disseminate the contents of the website but also to upload your examples of best practice that support new modes of delivery of care e.g., with technology enabled care or different workforce models.


Submitting content using innovative principles

If you have any content relating to any long term condition or examples of best practice that you would like to be considered for upload to the website, please contact the website operator (through a central email contact).  For acceptance onto the site, all of the following principles need to be met:

  • Level 1, 2 or 3 innovation (see Box below)
  • Evidence base attached (e.g. signpost to published paper in peer reviewed publication)
  • Risks/benefits defined including consequence costs
  • Impartial guidance cited (e.g. NICE guidance)


Box: Levels of Innovation in relation to application for usage in healthcare setting
Level 1 innovations may involve transfer of a product or service to healthcare from another service or industry; or be genuinely novel.
Level 2 innovations will already have been tried in some healthcare context (may be outside the UK), in a different setting or for another purpose than one proposed. Level 3 innovations have already been tried locally or elsewhere but need adapting or refining. (Derived from Health Foundation. SHINE 2012 Call for proposals. London: Health Foundation, 2012)


Terms and Conditions

All the documents, ideas and suggestions included in the website content are intended to inform you about others’ experiences and approaches to the delivery of digital health care in health and social care settings. The content is not a substitute for national advice and guidance from professional or regulatory organisations. Whilst every effort has been made by Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Group to include accurate and up to date information, it is recognised that legal requirements, IT infrastructure, hyperlinked websites, knowledge and understanding are constantly evolving and being updated. Therefore it is intended that content of the website be used as a supportive resource to learn more about how you can adopt or enhance your use of digital health care and weigh up the choices, information and guidance for your own circumstances.

Inclusion of named agencies, websites, companies, products, services or publications in this website do not constitute a recommendation or endorsement.