Video Library

1. What is Flo and how does it work?


2. How to sign a patient up to Flo


3. How to individualise Flo for a patient or protocol


4. How To Deal With Internet Trolls


5. Group discussion about the benefits of using the Flo service and Autographer


6. Annette relays the benefits of using the Flo service and Autographer


7. NHS Local showcase Florence the NHS Telehealth system


8. Telehealth for COPD in Stoke Patient and nurse perspective


9. A general introduction to widespread applications of Flo in all settings

10. Diabetes, Flo and Skype by East London NHS Foundation Trust


11. Using Florence Telehealth to manage various patient conditions in the community and in nursing homes


12. Using Florence Telehealth for the management of diabetes



13. Using Flo Telehealth to manage hypertension during pregnancy


14. Using Flo Telehealth to identify patients who have white-coat hypertension prior to surgery


15. Using Flo Telehealth for the management of child asthma


16. Using Flo Telehealth to management the recovery process for patients with mental health conditions


17. Raised blood pressure noted opportunistically


18. Telehealth for COPD in Stoke NHS commissioner perspective


19. How Furlong Medical Centre is using technology for care



20. AliveCor’s Kardia Mobile ECG Consultation

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21. AliveCor’s Kardia Mobile ECG Demonstration



22. Introduction to Flo


23. Establishing Flo Telehealth in your CCG


24. Getting Flo Telehealth Embedded in Clinical Practice



25. Signing Up Your Patients


26. An Interview with Paul Copeland



27. An Interview with Sian Clark



28. An Interview with Adrian Timon



29. An Interview with Andrew Rose



30. An Interview with Nigel Thomas



31. Belgrave Medical Centre – Managing Negative Social Media Posts



32. Belgrave Medical Centre – Facebook Patient Participation Groups



33. Birches Head Medical Centre and Hulton House Surgery – Facebook Usage