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Telehealth and Flo


Telehealth is using technology within health and wellbeing related services to enable a patient to send their information from their home to clinicians in the relevant setting (hospital, general practice/community/mental health settings). This information is used to support decision making around personalised care planning and appropriate interventions for the patients treatment.


Telehealth can be used as an automated stand-alone service or it can be linked to a responsive service (being monitored in real time or at infrequent intervals)[1]  and can enable a clinical team to establish a ‘virtual ward’ of specific patients with remote monitoring of their vital signs. Devices can be used in or away from a patient’s home and can also record medical readings e.g. blood pressure, weight, and temperature.


Quite simply, Florence or Flo as we like to call her is a very easy to use service designed by professionals inside the NHS to provide support and advice for a patient to manage their own health condition. Flo combines the expertise of the patient’s healthcare team and the convenience of their own mobile phone to give them prompts and advice to act on. If the patient needs a little more assistance Flo helps them to monitor their vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, oxygen levels and many others.


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