Patient Online

Why people should sign-up to Patient Online


Patient Online services are designed to give people the ability to book appointments at their practice when it suits them, from the comfort of their own home, without waiting to get through on the phone and even when the practice is closed. This will benefit service users and practices alike as it removes routine phone calls into and out of the practice, freeing-up valuable time that can be better spent caring for patients. Furthermore, prescriptions can be reordered with a few clicks meaning fewer routine appointments and less frequent trips to the practice for patients and carers saving them time and effort.


What’s more, Patient Online provides people with access to their medical information such as any conditions, allergies and medications they may have, supporting them to better understand and have easier access to their personal medical details. It is hoped that by doing so, patients can feel more like partners with clinicians in managing their health and interactions with the NHS.


Patient Online is being provided as an addition to and not as a replacement of traditional phone-in services as not everyone wants or has access to the internet. For others, the process of signing-up may seem daunting, but it has been simplified for everyone and steps have been taken to ensure all information is held securely. Go to your GP reception today with photo ID and ask for your sign-up sheet, they will guide you through the short process and enable you to access these new services.


For further information about Patient Online, visit the NHS information page by clicking here